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Our InfusionSoft Experts can make campaigns for you and your clients.

All you have to do is send us the task, and a few hours later, it will be done. 

  • To expand your team quickly
  • Outsource overflow work
  • Focus on what you like doing best
  • Take on more work at a higher rate and use our team at a lower rate
  • We create a project on our Project Management System and add you to the project
  • You add the task description and details and provide the due date to complete the task
  • We work on the task and track the hours spent by the team and provide a weekly update
  • We conduct internal reviews to ensure the elements are setup correctly by the team
  • You will get a team of Infusionsoft experts who have been trained by Customers
  • You get access to the project management system to track your projects
    The hours are allotted upon purchase of the package and are valid as follows:
  • 5 hour package must be used within 2 weeks
  • 20 hour package must be used within 2 months
  • 40 hour package must be used within 4 months

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