Infusionsoft Kickstart Onboarding Plan

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Jai J
Customer Success Manager

Welcome to Infusionsoft!

Since you have become a customer, Infusionsoft will connect you with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) like myself.
Your CSM will give you a tour of the Infusionsoft Resources you’ll need to learn to use the software.
Your CSM will also be available to discuss your long-term strategy for Infusionsoft to help ensure your continued success.


Here is what you can expect during your Kickstart Program.


Welcome to Infusionsoft

I’ll be reaching out shortly to welcome you to Infusionsoft and setup a Kickstart call to discuss your plans for Infusionsoft.

We can also review your package details and confirm your Kickstart Session details.

New User Set Up

New User Setup
It’s helpful to get ahead of these technical tasks so we can launch your campaign without delay.

  • Upload Company Banner/Logo
  • Set Up or link Social Acocunt (if needed)
  • Refer Contact Import Checklist
  • Tips & Tricks



First Step

We’ll review Infusionsoft Account Setup and discuss your business goals & plan for your first marketing campaign.

Need campaign inspiration?
Book FREE Strategic session with the Ashwin Bhadri (Co-Founder – EquinoxLCM).

Campaign Launch

After our first call, we’ll work on the project plan (Kickstart Sales MAP) which was built during our first call to accomplish your goals & successfully launch your campaign.

As you’re building out the campaign, I will stay in touch via email and phone to help provide guidance on best practices and ensure your campaign launch goes smoothly.



Onboarding Complete

Once your first campaign is launched to your satisfaction, we’ll review software competency & training needs. Also, we can schedule a call to talk through your next campaign, as well as your marketing goals for the next 6 months.


Onboarding Plan

We’ll help you get setup and launch your first campaign.

Getting Started

Call 1 – Plan

  • Review LCM & understand business goals
  • Set up lifecycle stage workflow
  • Define Kickstart Goals & Build the Marketing Automation Layout
  • Build the Sales MAP
  • Automate Marketing Basic Training

Call 2 – Build

  • Learn to build webform/landing pages/default email template
  • Learn to build webform/landing pages/default email template
  • Draft Email Broadcast & test Email Broadcasts
  • Understand automation & campaign tools
  • Review & Import Contact Database

Call 3 – Launch

  • Build Marketing Campaigns & Test the Campaign flow
  • Review the campaign layout & launch as per the plan
  • Send email broadcast with calls to actions
  • Set up contact properties
  • Write blog posts – Write social media posts

Call 4 – Review

  • Analyze & broadcast & campaign performance
  • Configure custom dashboard & reports to track key metrics
  • Track Lead Score


Call 5 – Grow

  • Define 6 months goals & set up plan of action
  • Create detailed strategic plan to achieve future goals
  • Identify supplemental resources to ensure success




kickstart-test  Kickstart demo kickstart test

Damian Damian
Coaching sessions were good and prompt. Jai was very clear and helpful. I should be ok with creating more activities with little help hopefully.

kickstart-test  Kickstart demo kickstart test

Paul Lothian
Jai was very good in explaining infusionsoft. I am now able to confidently setup emails, add contacts and create campaigns.

kickstart-test  Kickstart demo kickstart test

Jon Lynch
Very professional, helpful, knowledgeable organization. Good marketing partner.

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