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This is a great package for Business Owners and Infusionsoft Certified Partners (ICPs) who are looking to expand their team without taking on the burden of hiring full-time employees.


This is a great package for business owners and ICPs who are looking to expand their team without taking on the burden of hiring full-time employees.  If you want to have a team of implementers to handle some of your extra work this is an ideal package.  That way you can focus on what you like doing best and let our team handle the parts you don’t want to do.

We work with you to review your needs and select the package that fits best.  We then create a project on our system to monitor and track the hours spent by the team and provide a weekly update on the status of the hours spent and hours that remain.  In terms of the work products, we setup an internal work flow to implement and review the elements setup by the team.  In that way we ensure the quality of service is maintained.

We setup a project in our system for you with the allocated number of hours based on the package.  Once the project is setup you would submit your requests via email or through Basecamp, our Project Management Tool.  You can then monitor the progress via Basecamp.  We will setup the intermediate internal steps of reviewing the progress and quality of work.  The work will be performed by implementers who are trained by Infusionsoft Certified Partners.

The hours are allotted upon purchase of the package and are valid as follows: 10 hour package must be used within 1 month, 20 hour package must be used within 2 months and the 40 hour over 4 months.

1) No need add Full Time Employees: You can use our packages only when you need them. When you get extra workload that you can’t handle, order online and we can start your work in less than 24 hours also. You only pay for the hours used. You don’t have to give us a Salary, Bonuses and Order perks.

2) No Training Time: Your Infusionsoft Experts are already highly trained in Infusionsoft. You don’t have to spend time and money training us. Give us the work brief and off we go. That saves you time and money and your don’t have to worry about attrition and retraining.

3) Quality Work: All our Infusionsoft Specialists have been personally trained by Piyush Parikh (ICP) and all the output is monitored by Quality Managers and Piyush himself. This ensures that the quality of the work is flawless.

4) On Time Delivery: We are trained to deliver quality service on time. We use Basecamp for task allocation and information sharing and tracking. You will be at all times be able to track your project and its progress.

5) Confidentiality: We understand that confidentiality is very important in this business. Every single employee in our company has signed a confidentiality agreement with the company which protects the client. We can sign a separate confidentiality agreement if needed.

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