Infusionsoft Dashboards

  • Do you want an easy interface for your users to see and enter data into Infusionsoft?
  • Do you want to see information from multiple applications or multiple users on one screen?
  • Do you want to setup user dashboards without having to recreate them for every user?
  • Interact more easily with the system
  • View reports that are relevant
  • Monitor and track your campaign performance
  • And much more… (almost any view you can imagine actually)
  • You send us a drawing of what you would like your dashboard to look like
  • We will build a working prototype in Excel within 3days
  • Once approved we will build the online dashboard for you and your users within 21 business days
  • An interactive dashboard to your Infusionsoft application that is on any URL you provide
  • Hosting of the dashboard on our server (or on your server)
  • Tech support for 3 months to ensure the dashboard works as per your requirements (new feature requests would be an additional cost)


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Examples of where these interactive dashboards can be used

Instead of viewing your opportunity records like this:

Infusion - Opportunity  Infusionsoft Dashboards Infusion Opportunity

You can view it like this and show any field and calculation you require:

eLCM Dashboard Opportunity  Infusionsoft Dashboards eLCM Dashboard Opportunity

Instead of a simple input form like this:

Infusionsoft Input Form  Infusionsoft Dashboards Infusionsoft Input Form

You can create a fully custom input form with multiple calculations that creates contact records and/or opportunity records directly like this:

eLCM DashBoard Form  Infusionsoft Dashboards eLCM DashBoard Form

Instead of viewing your email performance like this:

Infusionsoft Email Performance  Infusionsoft Dashboards Infusionsoft Email Performance

You can view it like this with a click of the button:

eLCM DashBoard Email Performance  Infusionsoft Dashboards eLCM DashBoard Email Performance


We at eLCM have developed a Custom Dashboard, which can show you whatever information you want, in any format you want.

To know more about Infusionsoft Dashboards or to schedule a Demo of a Infusionsoft Dashboard, contact us today.